School Fundraising Goals: Top 10 Things We Raise Money For

School Fundraising Goals

Unfortunately, no school budget is big enough to include everything wanted or needed for its students. That’s why proactive parents participate in school fundraising.

Here are the most popular school fundraising goals and ways schools have realised them.

1. Classroom equipment

Lane Cove West Public School’s P&C bought its 37 smart boards from the profits of its trivia night, (reportedly $50,000+ in a single evening).

2. Library books

Bradshaw Primary School in Northern Territory supplements its library budget through an annual book fair and twice-yearly Scholastic Book Club, from which it receives a percentage of sales.

Those little five-cent pieces add up! Balgownie Public School P&C placed boxes in school classrooms and, in just one term, collected more than $500 worth of 5 cent pieces which the librarian happily spent on new resources.

3. Playground equipment

Sydney’s Crown Street Public School’s recipe book raised a cool $150K (a stellar success aided by high-profile culinary neighbours Kylie Kwong and Alex Herbert being among the recipe contributors). A new playground was the original goal: they attained that and classroom equipment.

4. Sporting equipment

Fun runs are a popular way of promoting active lifestyle and raising money for sports equipment. One fun-run program alone helped schools across Australia raise more than $2.5 million in one year.

Major supermarket chains offer shopper docket point programs from time to time, helping schools acquire, most commonly, sports equipment and computers.

5. School vegetable garden

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has popularised school gardening; learning about healthy eating and where fruit and veg come from. Wild Cherry Kindergarten and Tambo Upper Primary School in Victoria ran a simultaneous fundraiser, selling herbs and vegies to further develop their vegetable garden and healthy food culture.

6. School camps/trips

An Ashgrove school chose a chocolate drive to help defray the hefty cost of its Year 7s week-long excursion to Canberra while a remote West Australian school organised a raffle.

7. Music equipment

Rose Bay Secondary College Music Ensemble Program hosts two major showcase concerts and a sausage sizzle to help supplement its musical needs.

The Gap State High School in Brisbane hosts an annual trivia night, specifically supporting its performing arts programs.

8. Chaplaincy

Sandgate District Chaplaincy Committee in Queensland chose to offer an accredited first aid certificate with $50 from each participant’s fees going to its outreach program. The Christmas Carols at Jindalee State School is run by the Chaplain (with the help of the P&C) with all profits going towards the Chaplaincy programs.

9. Landscaping

Some schools literally sell the bricks and pavers to create impressive landscaping and a lasting engraved tribute to supporters.

10. Helping others

Learning to give back to the community is an important lesson that needs to be learnt early. Whether the cause is to find a cure (like Pink Ribbon or Red Nose days) or raise awareness (such as wearing red on Day for Daniel), free dress days are an easy and popular way to collect funds: a gold coin donation for the privilege of not wearing school uniform; and this is one fundraising venture the kids can do entirely themselves.

Originally published 15 May, 2018

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