School Drop Off’s – stop the lines!

One Parent Committee gets creative to tackle the age-old problem of school drop off lines. See the hilarious signs made by one school to keep their lines moving!

This PTA (the US equivalent of our P&C or P&F Association, came up with these funny memes for their drop-off lines.

They designed them in Canva (my favourite app!) and then had them printed.

After they shared them on their Facebook page, the drop off signs went viral, being shared over 26,000 times!

Mountain View School PTA

“Check out the signs our amazing PTA team came up with and had made for morning drop off! We are so excited to put these out tomorrow and we hope it will help to get the drop off line moving and lighten that morning mood! Remember, if you want to wait for the gates to open, park in the lot and walk them in”

Images from their Facebook page

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