How do you add some extra fun into your school colour run?

Reader question:

I am looking for ideas on what people have done to make their school colour run more fun?? Any help would be appreciated.

Here is some advice from our Facebook community on how to add some extra fun into your school colour run:

  • We had a colour bomb at the end, each child got a packet of colour and we had a countdown to throw! You could use zip lock bags. Sprinklers for the kids to run under. Lots of activities for the kids to play. Lots of colour! Kids ran the course about 5 times! Teachers and staff came dressed up and tossed the colour at the kids – kids thought that was fantastic!
  • We got the kids to end the course at the basketball court and gave the kids (about 20-30 at a time) a packet and counted down and they tossed them up in the air. Creates a massive rainbow cloud bomb!
  • Our school let other family members run, we had teachers and parents throwing the colours and squirting water, and an easy obstacle course to make it interesting. At the end, a spray of colour powder went up as a group photo was taken:

  • We had teachers and support staff join in including the principal and vice principal, kids really loved pelting them.
  • We have the local police station reps and fire brigade reps joining ours and are doing it after school time and making it a family event so kids can do it with siblings and parent/s
  • Here is some advice on how much colour to order – I was told around 10kg per 100 people
  • The Canteen sold rainbow jelly which was a big hit.
  • Depending on the weather, have a part of the course for those who want to get squirted with water pistols( filled with coloured water(food colour))

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Originally published 18 October, 2018

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