Sample School Community Survey

Questionnaire Template for P & C’s

Need help putting together a questionnaire for your P&C? Below is a Sample School Community Survey 


What do you want to achieve?  To conduct a survey of the school community (including students, teachers, parents and citizens) to seek input and identify community sentiment regarding P&C priorities for future projects and investment, as well as to invite general feedback.

Time frame: Distributed: Week 1, Term 2.  Concludes: Week 3, Term 2



Outcome: Present a summary to the P&C that can help provide a framework for future decisions.


Proposed survey content:

Preamble :

This short survey is conducted by the X P&C Association in order to get a sense of the projects we can support into the future, to identify the priorities of our community and assess how well we engage with families.


1. I am a:

(drop down)

  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Other _________


2. The students relevant to me are in:

(select all that apply)

  • Prep
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6


3. Of the following, my highest priority for our School is:

(choose one)

  • Educational outcomes
  • Sporting opportunities
  • Music opportunities
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Social Skills


4. I believe that the order of priorities for the P&C should be:

(place in order of importance, 1-8)

  • Improving facilities at the school (eg airconditioning, whiteboards, stop, drop and go area)
  • Improving services at the school (eg tuckshop, uniform shop)
  • Supporting the school in improving educational outcomes
  • Supporting the school in improving sporting activities
  • Supporting the school in improving music activities
  • Supporting the school in improving cultural activities
  • Engaging families (eg social activities)
  • Supporting families at the school


P&C projects

5. Below are some projects currently being considered by the P&C (includes potential grant applications).  Please rate the importance to you of each project:

(scale of 1-4, 1 being most important, 4 being least important)

  • Refurbishment of the library
  • Airconditioning  buildings
  • Refurbish the tuckshop
  • Provide readers for growing school population
  • Build sports shed on the oval
  • Engaging speakers for students and families on social topics, eg improving resilience in children


6. Please list any project (large or small) you feel should be considered by the P&C

(free text)



7. The P&C has been ambitious in its fundraising in recent years and has been able to fund more projects than ever before.  Please describe your feelings below:

(choose one)

  • I am happy to support more ambitious fundraising/ investment targets to allow more resources to be directed towards the school
  • I am happy to support the current level of fundraising/ investment but would be reluctant to extend that
  • I think we do too much fundraising
  • No idea


8. The P&C has regularly conducted or is considering the following fundraising events.  Please indicate your level of support for each fundraiser. (1-4 scale)

  • Carnival
  • Spellathon
  • Chocolate drive
  • Tea-towel fundraiser
  • Mothers Day and Fathers Day Stalls
  • School Disco
  • Election BBQs
  • School recipe book
  • Student and Community Art Show


9. Do you have any other fundraising ideas?

(free text)


10. Do you think there should be a Carnival every year rather than every second year?

(choose one)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Comment: ___________________

11. If yes then would you be prepared to help out?



Communication and understanding of what the P&C does

12. Were you aware that the P&C:

(Y/N for each item)

  • Runs the uniform shop
  • Runs the tuckshop
  • Provides funds for families in hardship situations
  • Pays the salary of the School Community Liaison Officer (SCLO)
  • Funded the fans for the hall
  • Funded much of the airconditioning within the school
  • Funded the prep playground
  • Funded the interactive whiteboards in the classrooms
  • Funded the makeover of the library
  • Funds some classroom resources such as home readers
  • Funds team shirts/ jerseys for competitive school sports teams


13. Do you have any suggestions for how the P&C can improve its communication with families?

(free text)


14. The P&C is looking for a volunteer to manage the communication flow between the P&C and families – this is a role that can be managed remotely – if you are interested in finding out more, please write your name and contact number and we can provide some more details.

(free text)


General comments

15. Please share any other ideas you have for ways that parents/ families can engage with the school

(free text)


16. Do you have any message you would like to communicate to the P&C including offers to help?

(free text)


Closing comments

Thank you for your input into our P&C.

We invite you to attend P&C meetings at 7pm on the third Tuesday every month in the school library.

Thank you again.


Originally published April 16 2014