Run a Car Wash as an Event Extra

Run a car wash fundraiser 

With busy schedules and sport filled weekends, finding time to wash the car these days can be a challenge. And if we’re really being honest, does anybody really want to wash the car anyway? Ok, maybe just me then 😉 I do love a clean car and I’m probably in the minority of people that actually enjoys cleaning it, but the time factor is always my nemesis. Sure, I could have it professionally cleaned and detailed, but that can cost upwards of $100 and within minutes of my kids entering the car it would look as though it had never been cleaned! So, what’s the answer? A car wash fundraiser of course! For a fraction of a professional wash, you can have a clean car and support a worthy cause at the same time.

A car wash fundraiser is suitable for all schools and groups and can be great for building team spirit and you’ll get some exercise too. I’ve got a couple of ideas to get you thinking about how it can work for you.

An ‘add-on’ to another event

Now, before I hear the cries of ‘We just can’t get volunteers to help out’, why not run your car wash as an add-on to an existing event, like a fete. You’ve already got volunteers on hand and you can get the kids involved to help out too. Think of it as another ‘stall’ and with a captive audience and their cars already on site, you should have no shortage of business.

For clubs, add a car wash to your match days, presentation days or even registration days.

Another idea for schools is to make ‘car wash day’ an end of term event. Advertise well and not only get teachers and parents cars washed but neighbours of your school and the local community. The kids will love the opportunity to get out of class and get wet! Throw in a coffee cart and a bake sale and you could very well clean up! 😉

Car Wash-A-Thon

Let me throw one more idea at you which could make things interesting and really boost your profits. Turn your car wash into an ‘a-thon’ where the kids are sponsored an amount per car that they wash. Offer prizes for the most cars washed or the most money raised. A little competition could mean a lot more money in the bank for your committee.

The going rate for a car wash is typically $10 per car and $15 per van or 4WD.

Click here for some helpful hints on planning for your car wash fundraiser.

Regina Underwood
Fundraising Whisperer Freelance Writer
Regina is a mother of three and a P&C President. She knows first hand the ups and downs of volunteering.

Originally published 17 October, 2017

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