Ribbon and Clay

A new fundraising option is here! Achieve your fundraising goal with Ribbon and Clay, by having the children in your community create unique designs that are turned into beautiful ornaments, for hanging all year round.

These designs could be themed drawings, artwork, or photos of your child.

Capture a moment in time with a photo, or their artwork; on the back, we’ll put their name, the date, and their school or childcare centre.

We make it easy for the fundraiser AND for the parents –

  • No upfront costs
  • We will provide you will all the promotional material to make selling easy. It works!
  • Parents upload the photos or artwork – they can see what they will get.
  • Not sure of how it works? You can get in touch with us – Ribbon & Clay is a small business, with real people behind it.
  • You deliver gifts that are unique and timeless whilst fundraising.

These gifts are perfect for Christmas, plus other occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – or a thank you present for a teacher.

Click here to find out how Ribbon and Clay’s fundraising works – it’s easy!