Do you reward the class that bring the most during class donation challenge?

Reader question:

Does anyone have a reward system for the class that brings in the most stuff during a class donation challenge ?


Here is how some of our Facebook community rewarded their highest donating class:

  • We bought hot chips for our winning grade one lunchtime- kids loved it (some teachers even got into it and started plotting strategically/cheating to try to make sure their grade won!)
  • We threw a pizza party for the winning class, picked up dominos. It really didn’t cost much and was such a great incentive for the children.


This is a great idea:

  • Everyone who brings something in to donate gets a little ticket that they write their name on, then this goes in the draw to win a rides band.


  • We did cupcakes for the winning class.
  • Due to red food policy we offer a class party catered by our Tuckshop. It goes down a treat.
  • You could have a fun afternoon! Hire inflatables, water play. That sort of thing. We also do this and offer to the top 3-5 classes.


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