Australian Raffle Rules

What are the Australian Raffle Rules?

Let’s take a look! One might think that the common raffle was a simple beast. Buy a couple of raffle ticket books at Officeworks and off you go!

Well… not quite.

I have researched the raffle rules (and harassed the poor staff where the rules weren’t clear to me) in each State and Territory in Australia. The differences across jurisdictions would knock your socks off!

Did you know that in some places in Australia, you aren’t able to sell ‘bundles’ of tickets (eg $2 or 3 for $5) at all? In some places, you have to sell your raffle tickets in one day or else you need to apply for a permit?

It is very important to be aware of the raffle rules that apply to you.

Here are the links to the overviews we have prepared for your State or Territory!

For schools, you may need to check whether there are additional restrictions imposed by your State governing body. The links to all of the relevant State bodies in Australia can be found here.

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