Quick Idea – DIY Photo Booths

Photo booths are quickly becoming the most popular addition at all types of events from weddings to corporate dinners, opening nights and school fundraisers – and they are popular with both kids and adults. While there are many professional companies who can provide an actual ‘booth’ that provides printed photos on the night, you can easily create your own with cheap props from $2 shops and department stores. You can use the photo booth as a fundraiser by charging money to use it, or simply as a fun ‘extra’ on the night.

What you need

You will need a space that is large enough for a group of people, somewhere visible to the main event (to encourage interest) but out of the way so that people can do their thing without interfering with proceedings.

You will need a wall or large pin-up board for the background, a box of props, a seat/bench (optional) and a camera/photographer.


Depending on your budget you may choose to have a photographer (volunteer or paid) to take photos and then supply prints or digital images, let people use their own phones and cameras, or buy some disposable cameras or polaroid cameras. Ask people to email their favourite shots to the school/club to include in the next newsletter or put on the school website/Facebook page.


A backdrop or background: the background will depend on your event and you can buy scenes from party shops or make your own. It should be at least two metres tall plus at least four metres wide so groups can fit in front of it.

Suggestions include:

Hollywood ‘red carpet’

Through the Looking Glass


Sports stadium full of cheering fans

Rock concert with cheering fans


School or club logo

Kids love dressing up in a photo booth


Most props can be found at $2 shops, op-shops, Kmart/Big W, or in the dress-up box at home. The options are literally limitless, but can include:

Hats (cowboy hat, pirate hat, mortar board, fascinators, Indian head-dress etc)

Headbands (bunny ears, devil ears, etc)


Fake beards and moustaches, fake noses

Hawaiian lei, crosses, Gothic or Bogan jewellery, scarves, ties, bow ties, feather boas

Temporary tattoos

Swords, shields etc

Words on sticks

Glow sticks

Empty (backless) picture frames

These are all very simple, technology-free options where you can wave props around and someone takes a photo. If you want something a bit more hi-tech or dozens of more suggestions and free printables there are literally hundreds of sites available. A good place to start is here.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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