Puzzle Club Fundraising

Puzzle Club Fundraising

Puzzle Club Fundraising is dedicated to helping organisations reach their fundraising goals. We assist organisations such as school P&C committees, sport and social clubs and staff social clubs raise money that can be used to purchase equipment, organise trips and arrange end or year parties. There is no limit as to which type of organisation can hold a Puzzle Club fundraiser or what the funds raised can be used for.

The process is simple

  1. Contact us about holding a Puzzle Club fundraiser for your organisation
  2. We set up an online fundraising page offering our range of quality puzzle products to your members
  3. You promote your fundraising page to your members through email, social media and other forms of communication used by your organisation
  4. We pay back to your organisation 20% of all sales in the form of a bank transfer.

Your online shop

Your organisation gets its very own online fundraising page and your Puzzle Club fundraiser can last as long as you want it to! It can be an easy passive fundraiser that you promote around Christmas and school holiday periods!

For more information please contact us and we will answer any questions you have.

About us

The Puzzle Club concept started 5 years ago when my daughter was working part-time at a toy shop in Batemans Bay. They stocked a large range of brain teaser puzzles and strategy games and the family quickly became their best customer. My son who was 11 at the time really loved the cube puzzles and brain teaser puzzles and would spend all his pocket money on getting a new puzzle whenever he could. He would take them to school to show his friends and it didn’t take long for a puzzle craze to take off at the school. They had competitions to see who could solve the puzzles quickest or who could solve the most difficult puzzles.

During this time I noticed that my son became more focused with his schoolwork with improved concentration, his problem-solving skills improved as did his ability to retain information. His teacher at the time mentioned that she saw the same happen with some of the other students in the class. Puzzles became a passion in our family, and we quickly amassed a large range of puzzles.

The idea of The Puzzle Club has been building since then and we spent a lot of time visiting trade shows and suppliers trying to source the best quality and diverse puzzles.  We’re passionate about puzzles and have found that solving puzzles can improve concentration, problem-solving skills, and the ability to retain information. They are also great fun and promote teamwork and collaboration.