PledgeStar is an online fundraising system that helps you raise more from your sponsorship drive.

Raises More

With PledgeStar, the average student raises over $140. How? Because we make it fun and easy to ask more family and friends far and wide for donations with automated emails, texts, social media, and more.

Costs Less

PledgeStar charges only 7% of online donations, but never more than $995. That could save you thousands!

Easy for Organisers

Getting started and staying on top of your fundraiser couldn’t be easier. PledgeStar’s dashboard lets you see summary statistics at a glance, and it’s easy-to-use reports let you drill down into the nitty-gritty.

a-thon platform

Amazing Service

With PledgeStar, you work with one of our specialists who are dedicated to helping you make the most from your fundraiser. If you need help, we’re always a quick call or email away!

Easy for Parents

You’ll start to see donations rolling in after sharing your fundraiser with family and friends. No awkward phone calls, no knocking on doors.


Every school has its own unique fundraising needs. That’s why we designed PledgeStar to work the way you do, instead of the other way around.