Plant A Difference

Offset your carbon footprint

Help restore landscapes, reproduce natural ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions whilst delivering high profits and exciting your community with the Plant-A-Difference™ Fundraiser.

Fundraising can be just as successful with less impact on the environment. We’re excited to announce a world’s first fundraising initiative whereby schools and organisations can do their part in helping the planet whilst raising money at the same time. The more trees we plant the more carbon will be absorbed from the atmosphere thereby reducing the negative impact of greenhouse gases on our climate and our environment.

Lead the way to a greener Australia!

We’ll ensure you have everything you need to have a successful fundraiser including a comprehensive range of fundraising materials printed on FSC® certified paper which meets the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management and the magic ingredient, our cyber-safe and powerful online fundraising platform. You’ll grow your fundraising goals like never before!

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Help the environment whilst raising money!

Make a high cash profit of 65%* with this risk free and environmentally friendly fundraising initiative. No money is required up-front and you are guaranteed to make profit.

Every $15 raised through the fundraiser we will plant one native tree (or shrub) on your behalf in Australia’s global biodiversity hotspot.

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Restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems

The Plant-A-Difference™ Fundraiser’s sole purpose is biodiverse conservation planting using trees that are native to the region whilst raising profits for your organisation at the same time.

Tree planting brings many valuable benefits to the environment such as:

  • Sequester carbon,
  • Help reduce soil salinity,
  • Help combat wind and water erosion,
  • Enhance biodiversity, and
  • Restore habitat for native animals

For more information, please contact our office on 1300 133 022, request a free information kit or visit our website,