Pictures speak a thousand words

Having a photographer, even an amateur one, at your event can be more beneficial than you might think. While photos can be wonderful mementoes of your fundraising efforts, they also provide an effective way to look back on past endeavours and determine what was (or wasn’t) successful.

Photographs can capture perspectives and moments that the people reviewing your event may have missed. Pictures can be extremely useful in order to garner feedback on your fete or festival, and to allow you the opportunity to master future plans. Even if you are simply seeking affirmation of the success you as an individual, or your team, has achieved, a photograph can favourably show your progress to a manager, colleague or convenor.

Photographs also provide an efficient way of documenting your efforts. You will not need to rely solely on written notes or memories to assist you in recalling details when planning fetes in the future. Photos can be useful guides for other fete conveners to follow while setting up events and creating sponsorship proposals. Pictures can also assist stall operators in recalling details, large and small, such as decorations and equipment used in previous years.

When you have pictorial examples of exactly what it is you need, more opportunities may present themselves. You might hire suitable new rides or stalls, if operators are able look at a collection of pictures and understand the expectations you hold for your event. In this way, photographs minimise the misunderstandings and confusions that can arise when one is communicating only with words. It is sometimes more time-efficient to provide a picture rather than to describe all the factors you are imagining.

Sponsors of your fete can benefit from the use of photography too. Donors will have lasting confirmation that their financial contribution has benefitted an event and its attendees, and suppliers will be assured that their brand/product has been satisfactorily promoted.

A good photo can be a simple but brilliant advertisement for next year’s festival. A capable photographer with a good quality digital camera can capture special moments and reflect happy memories; an effective way to advertise to the people who attended your past event and to those who might attend in the future. Participants, patrons and people with queries can see how the fete was organised and what they might expect next time.

Find a local parent or an interested individual who is happy to take some pictures during the course of your event. Photographers with some experience might be persuaded to volunteer if they receive a benefit such as free advertising in newsletters and promotions, as a result of their participation.

Photographs create terrific keepsakes of an event but they can be practical too. The power of a picture to support the written and spoken word cannot be underestimated when it comes to your organisational success.