The original Pictureplate, an Australian fundraising tradition for 35 years. Turn treasured memories into practical keepsakes.

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What’s your most popular product?

Our Pictureplate is by far our most popular product with over two and a half million sold in Australia. It’s a beautiful, durable and functional melamine plate decorated with children’s drawings, photos and handprints. Being dishwasher safe, it can be safely used for many years.

What’s new this year?

By popular demand we’re bringing back Calendars! Originally sold in 1997, these low-cost, quality add-on products are a great way to increase your total profit.

What do customers like best about doing business with you?

Pictureplates have been popular for so long that almost everyone either has one or knows someone who does. This means that Pictureproducts sell themselves!

How do we maximise sales?

Pictureproducts supplies market- leading promotional materials and guides to help you get the most orders. The wide range of add-on products like mugs and mousepads, and the ability to order multiple copies, gives you a greater sales-per-customer than single-product fundraisers.

When is a good time to run your fundraiser?

Any time is an excellent time to run a Pictureproducts fundraiser, but orders placed before the end of May attract our huge $2 per item Early Bird Discount, and are subject to a quicker turn around time.

Are there any reward programs?
Every year a school orders they gain a star in our Loyalty Club, giving them a massive discount of up to $1.50 per item. With over 10,000 schools and centres having ordered from us – you’ve probably got stars in our Loyalty Club already!

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