Perfect Storm for Raising Funds

Raising Funds

Courier Mail – 1 November 2012:

Perfect Storm for Funds

Fundraising expert Mandy Weidmann talks to STEVE NADIN about her website and book resources to help schools, clubs and community groups raise money.

Primary schools are the perfect storm for fundraising as children are excited to see parents involved and parents are more connected with the school.

Brisbane based fundraiser Mandy Weidmann (pictured) started her website seven years ago to give volunteers a fundraising resource for schools, clubs and community groups.

‘Children are excited about fundraising and excited about having their parents involved in the school’ she said.

‘This pride is a great reward for parents and a wonderful incentive to volunteer’

‘By the time children get to high school, parents become ’embarrassing’ and ‘uncool’ so the return-for-effort is not as favourable.

‘Also in primary schools, parents tend to be more connected as they often walk their children into the school which encourages involvement and participation.’

Ms Weidmann said over the years, there had been many emails from schools and clubs attributing the success of their fundraising to the resources and support her website ( provided.

‘A volunteer has a certain gene if you like and is without fail a spectacular person which make sit a true joy to help them get more from their fundraising,’ she said.

Her upcoming book, the Practical Fundraising Handbook, contains all the information and ideas a committee needs to renovate their fundraising efforts.

Traditional fundraisers such as lamington drives are now being replaced by more sophisticated fundraisers.

‘A well-run state primary school P&C in a prosperous area with 500 families can generate more than $150,000 annually from fundraising whereas a smaller school in a less prosperous area might struggle to make $10,000 per year,’ Ms Weidmann said.