How does your P&Cs structure its AGM?

Reader question:

I’d really appreciate knowing how other P&Cs run and how they vary between schools.

Things I’d like to know are:
– When is your AGM? (What month and why?)
– When are your general meetings? (Once a month? Twice a term? What day? What time? And why?) 
– Do you have regular executive committee meetings? (If so, when/ how often?)

Here are some replies from our Facebook community on how their P&Cs plan their yearly meetings:

  • P&C Federation NSW website has fact sheets on how to run an AGM and other compliance stuff. They will also help you if you call or email. I have spent lots of time talking to them to make sure we were compliant. We have ours in May and the docs get audited from now until then.
  • Requirements would depend on which state you’re in. In Victoria, parents association have a standard constitution set by the education department & the association cannot manage it’s own finances, it’s done by the school. Our parents association meets monthly but most of the work is done via messenger.
  • We are in QLD and our Exec Committee comprises President, Treasurer, Secretary plus VP and Assistant Treasurer/Secretary. We then have subcommittees voted at the AGM, but these are more one person being assigned to a responsibility e.g. fundraising, road safety, arts, grants, rather than a true subcommittee as defined by the P&C Qld constitution.
  • PandCs QLD has a great lot of information for AGMs.
  • In QLD our AGM must be held by the end of March. So we hold ours in March. Executives meet minimum once a month and general meetings are held twice per term in week 3 & 8.

Most readers AGM’s were held in February and March.

  • AGM in Feb (possibly to allow any new school families to be involved), general meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each month (excluding July and Jan as this falls in school holidays) 7pm in school library. Exec meetings are always before general at 6:30pm. Books I think are audited in Dec.
  • We meet first Monday of every month (unless it’s School/public holidays) at 7pm as this seems to work for most people. Our AGM is in March (2nd meeting of the year) so a new Committee can be voted in for the year. We keep in touch if anything comes up outside of the monthly meeting.
  • AGM is normally 2nd meeting in term 1, first one being a normal meeting to catch up.
    General meetings twice a term on a Tuesday night – we tried alternating day and night meetings and just day meetings at one time but it didn’t bring any more in to join.
    Our execs don’t really get together any more than that. With mobiles, email and being in small country town we usually cross paths.
  • Our constitution dictates a lot of when things are done. Our year goes from March to March and our AGM is held in April so an audit can be done in the financials to be presented. We have end of month meetings but not extra exec meetings. We do have subcommittees that sometimes meet in between meetings also.
  • We have our AGM early also. Third Tuesday in Feb, which is the first third Tuesday of the school calendar. We used to have it in March, but the term is nearly over by then and we have found it frustrating in the past, particularly if you have an outgoing exec. Regular general meetings are every third Tuesday at 7pm during term times. Why? It’s always been that way and seems to work well for our school community. We try to have an exec meeting in the hour prior to the general meeting.
  • Our AGM is Feb, week 2 of term 1 – to get it over and done with and get things started quickly for the year. We have 2 GMs per term, week 3 and 8, normally Wednesdays or Fridays 8.45am (alternate day of the week during the year and a few night meetings to give working parents the chance to come if wanted). EM only when required.
  • Our AGM is on the 13th of March. We have our meetings once a month on the second Thursday at 1.45pm. Our audit is done at the start of January and is done in time for our AGM.
  • Our AGM is week 3 in term 1 – gets the new P&C started quickly. We have 2 general meetings per term during week 3 & 7. On a Tuesday at 7pm it’s what works for the exec team.  We don’t have regular exce meetings we just keep in touch.
  • We meet 3rd Friday of each term for general meeting. We hold this an hour before school and we have coffee and cake 30 minutes before the meeting starts. Exec meetings are as needed and we invite everyone to join in at a coffee shop… make it a social brainstorming session. So far our numbers are pretty good 😊. We don’t run canteen or uniform so we focus mainly on community and a little fundraising.
  • AGM is the second meeting of the year in March. We hold meetings twice a term – weeks 3 and 8 on a Tuesday night 7.30 in the school library. Wine. Coffee. Tea. Lollies available!
  • Our AGM was just held on March 6th. We have general meetings monthly. We don’t really have executive meetings, but we catch up over coffee now and then. (Magnetic island state school).
  • We have an AGM/General Meeting in November. This enables a new Committee to be elected for the new year. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm-8.30pm. Except for March & August when we have a ‘Coffee & Conversation’ daytime meeting at 8.45am. This is not a traditional P&F Meeting, it is used to discuss a topic that is relevant for the College at the time. Next week topic to be discussed will be the new 5yr Strategic Plan presented by the Leadership Team. These are very well attended with up to 60 people ! The Exec do not ‘meet’ regularly. We meet with the Leadership Team before our 1st meeting each year to discuss dates/ expectations/ wishes.

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