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Are you looking for an original idea for your

  • School Disco
  • End of Term
  • Graduation Party
  • School Fete
  • School Incursion
  • School Fundraiser
  • School Holiday Program?

We have an activity that appeals to all ages/students that are active or non-active, social or non-social, confident or shy. Everyone will be totally engaged for the duration of the event and absolutely love it.

Silent Disco – by Party Higher is the new craze, with the latest technology, sweeping across schools around Australia. Our unique approach to entertaining children and young people has seen us be a finalist in the National What’s On 4 Kids Awards in 2018, across multiple categories. We were also chosen as Australia’s best NEW Fundraiser in 2019 at the Fundraising Awards.

Wireless headphones fundraising

At a Silent Disco – everyone wears a pair of our three-channel, wireless LED headphones, which light up in accordance with the channel you are on. On each channel, there is either music playing, or games instructed by a facilitator. (Each pair of headsets is sanitised twice – once with sanitiser, and then again with a UV wand.)

For children under 13 years of age, our professional Party Facilitators will engage everyone with fun games and activities – creating an unforgettable vibe and great community spirit. Your venue will be transformed into a visual spectacle with lights, lasers, smoke machines, and special effects.

With a Silent Disco for older students – 13 and up, we provide three different channels of the latest music hits, with the option of a professional DJ on one channel. We can even cater to a mix of ages simultaneously.

You can rest assured that the volume levels on the Wireless Headphones are centrally controlled and set at a safe level for kids, in addition, every headphone has an adjustable volume control. Students with hearing impairments and those on the spectrum will love this level of autonomy.

If you need a break or feel like a chat, just take off the headphones!

Exciting news! We have a NEW VENUE for your ultimate glow-in-the-dark-silent disco party, see it here for yourself.

We also offer a whole range of other services and activities to complement your School event, click here to see what else we have to offer.

Party Higher can tailor a specific solution around your school committee’s wish list and we cater to most budgets, so talk to us today and make your next school event an unforgettable experience.