How can we raise funds for an overseas learning experience?

Reader question:

I’m after some suggestions for fundraising funds for only 4 students to participate in an Overseas Learning experience.

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook community on raising funds for students to participate in an overseas learning experience:


The resounding input from our readers was:

  • The p&c would need to step back from that. You can’t be seen to endorse/help just 4 students. It is the parents of those children that should be raising funds.

However, here are some ideas:

  • Barefoot bowls. Bingo. Trivia night. Cent auction. There’s plenty of things that can be done outside of school it’s just finding the people to organise and help with it.
  •  If you have a handy photographer in your group perhaps you can do either family portraits or Santa photos if you can find Santa.
  • Garage sale or Swap-meet. Get all the students to ask for unwanted items, get them to go through their own. I always buy from kids who are fundraising so make sure you put up a sign as to where the money is going and get the students to do the work with you supervising.
  • Car wash run by the students and families.
  • They could run a raffle which has no obligation and they could sell in school, with the school and p&c’s support, and also sell out of School to their families and friends!
  • P&C is for the majority of the school community, however, we do have a sponsorship deal if kids are chosen to represent at a state level at a school activity or sport, then we sponsor them $100 to assist with expenses. This policy was approved by the members.

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Originally published 2 July, 2019

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