On stage fete entertainment

On stage fete entertainment

Your first priority for on stage fete entertainment program is to appoint a Master of Ceremonies (MC). Appoint one or two (or more – it’s exhausting work!) people with outgoing personalities and a bit of stamina whose job it will be to work the crowd.

You will need a good sound system for your MC to be heard over the entire site.  If the school’s existing sound system isn’t adequate, add this to your hire/ sponsor list: your messages on the day need to come out loud and clear and the on-stage entertainment is crucial!

The MC will require a comprehensive running sheet that lists all stalls and performances, promoting them throughout the day. Your MC will announce ‘specials’ as they occur, sprinkle through kind words about sponsors’ generosity, declare raffles and broadcast information about lost children (it will happen!). Between announcements, play a selection of popular music to add a great vibe to the day and boost everyone’s mood.

When it comes to onstage entertainment at a fete, the first port of call is always the students! By encouraging every class to perform one song, play or dance routine on the day, you guarantee a strong family turn-out to support their child’s performance. Of course, once the family is there, few will escape without spending on rides and refreshments!

To achieve this, liaise closely with your school’s teachers or the performing arts department and get those involved to prepare special segments which will enliven the day and give participating kids a great confidence boost. Click here for a cool idea to weave into the entertainment: Class Canvas Auctions.

But don’t limit your ideas to song and dance. Demonstrations by a local martial arts group or gymnastics team can be another popular drawcard (and again, performers have family entourages). Displays by local fire and police services are ever-popular. Your local dog obedience group may be willing to also put on a show, adding a touch of animal magnetism.

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Originally published 16 April, 2018

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