Has anyone got advice for serving nachos as a fundraising stall?

Reader question:

Looking for suggestions and advice from those who have done nachos as a fundraising stall. We will have a 3m x 3m area outdoors (but not under cover) with access to power.

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook community for a big annual fundraiser:

  • We had them at our 150 year celebrations and it was very popular.
  • We used hotdog trays to serve. I made all the mince ahead of time and froze it, took it out of freezer the morning before. It all kept warm a slowcooker (we had 4 other hot dishes), and when the rush was on the microwave was running constantly to keep refilling all the slowcookers.
  • Here is the serving formula we used so that whoever came in to help served exactly the same:
  • We did them as part of our food court for our Spring Fair – we used those cardboard hot dog trays for the chips and then has slow cookers going with the preprepared mince, then just added cheese and sour cream on top – they were really popular.
  • Rather than them help themselves, we served customers their toppings – they all came the same way unless they specifically asked for no sour cream/ cheese.
  • We didn’t do guacamole as it was a fair food court (we served about 3000 people so tried to keep it simple) however if it was a smaller crowd I would serve it as an optional extra but charge extra for it – but you have to watch the serving for portion control or it could become expensive.


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