My School Lunch

My School Lunch is an outsourced Meal Deal fundraising service complete with a full online ordering platform that links schools, sporting clubs, churches and more with local restaurants to run a profitable Meal Deal. This approach not only benefits your organisation it also benefits local businesses whilst keeping all of the money spent in your local community. We package together a meal deal unique to your organisation and then manage the entire process of running that Meal Deal so you don’t have to!

We supply all of the marketing materials, help you advertise, handle all customer enquiries, online ordering, phone ordering, payment, issues, refund requests and most importantly making sure your organisation makes money. We communicate with the restaurants that are supplying your organisation to make sure that everything arrives on time, food is fresh, safe to eat and most importantly, is delicious!

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How it Works

  1. Choose Your Meal Deal
  2. Choose a Date
  3. Book your Meal Deal
  4. We find a local restaurant to supply the food
  5. We send you FREE Marketing Materials so you can Advertise your Meal Deal
  6. Your Meal Deal goes live on the My School Lunch Ordering Portal
  7. We handle all customer questions and take phone orders with our FREE Customer Support Helpline
  8. Your Meal Deal is delivered on time already sorted into class groups
  9. You Get Paid!

Why Run a Meal Deal?

Running a Meal Deal is not like other fundraisers as parents see a meal deal as an extension of your schools tuckshop and parents see it as a great way to support your school at the same time as feeding their children. We have made it easy for any school to make great passive income, using no school or P&C resources and making use of the time your tuckshop is not open or you have a special event happening at your school.

Traditionally running a meal deal has been a very time consuming and daunting process that can take weeks to plan, organise and execute. My School Lunch takes away all the advertising, communication with restaurants, taking orders, answering questions from parents, preparation of food, sorting of orders and payment. We have made it so easy that you can run multiple meal deals each term, earn passive income without impacting your schools tuckshop or other fundraisers already running in your school.

Added Benefits:

  • Before and After your Meal Deal your tuckshop sales increase as it reminds parents about your tuckshop
  • Very little time required from the organiser and volunteers
  • Only 1 Volunteer required to receive your delivery
  • No Set Up, we set your meal deal up on our Free Online Ordering Portal
  • We give you spare food in case of a mistake or missing order
  • All Orders are sorted into year/ class groups prior to delivery
  • You support local restaurants
  • We vet all restaurants to make sure food is safe and the restaurant is insured

What’s Included?

  • Ability to customise your own meal deal from your choice of suppliers
  • Free Marketing Materials shipped to your school
  • Offer a Restaurant’s Full Menu to Staff
  • Free Listing on
  • No Online Ordering Fees
  • Frequently Asked Question Fact Sheets for your School Reception & Management
  • 24/7 Organiser Support from an Experienced Fundraising Manager
  • Your customers have access to telephone support and phone ordering 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday.
  • We Ask your customers for additional donations on your behalf

Booking a Meal Deal has never been easier, simply book online or reach out on 1300 330 361 and we can answer your questions and help you book your Meal Deal.