MI-BALL is the newest and most creative fundraising tool in the market today. We have a revolutionary product which allows customers to personalise sports balls individually with their name or custom text in any colour of their choosing. Our balls can be printed in less than 24 hours with no minimum orders!

Established in 2019, is a revolutionary product which allows customers to customise sports balls, on the spot with no minimum orders. Our fundraising program is 100% online with absolutely no upfront cost a minimal work required from the organisation.

Our fundraising allows school and sports clubs to raise funds in a unique way. It is the modern day solution to the age old fundraising techniques of chocolates, cookies and raffles and gives each and every customer of your fundraiser a unique and memorable product whilst also giving your school or sports club a healthy profit.

The fundraising affiliate program is designed as a simple and easy solution to the normally painful process of fundraising. Once you sign up to our program we will create you an affiliate account and provide you with a trackable URL link to provide to your organisation as well as a QR code which can be used for in person advertising.

Each time a purchase is made through the trackable link your organisation automatically receives 20% of the sale. This process will be ongoing throughout the whole year maximising your organisations ability to fundraise all year around with absolutely no effort required other than to promote the fundraiser through emails, social media posts and distributing flyers.