Masquerade Disco with mask making classes

Volunteer Stories – Masquerade Disco with mask making classes

This ‘Masquerade Disco with mask making classes’ idea was submitted by Sally from St Therese’s Catholic School as a part of our ‘Volunteer Stories’ Series.

We are committed to saving school and club volunteers from having to “reinvent the wheel” all of the time and this series aims to do that by sharing real-life stories from other volunteers. If you have an idea to share (good or bad, small or huge), we would be most grateful if you would submit it here.

Organisation: St Therese’s Catholic School

Submitted by: Sally


We held our annual disco this year with a Masquerade theme. The original plan was a “Neon Nights” glow party, but sourcing and securing black lights turned into a logistical nightmare!

A few weeks prior to the event we held “Mask making classes” at school during lunch breaks. We purchased all the art and craft supplies, pre-painted the masks, and the kids came in on their 20-minute break and chose one to decorate. The class was $5 per child and they had to book their spot as we limited the classes to 20 each day.

After the first few classes, it went crazy! We had to arrange another 4 sessions to fit everyone in, but in the end, the mask classes brought in an additional $420 profit.

The top 3 things about this idea or event

  1. We sold pizza, sushi, jelly cups and lollies from our tuckshop.
  2. We had lucky dips, a glow product stall, and a photo booth which was run by one of our photographer parents.
  3. We had beer and wine for the parents. They are a captive audience with nothing but time and I had to send my hubby on a bottle shop run halfway through because we had sold out!

The one thing you would have done differently

I bought 50 LED light up fidget spinners, put them on the glow stall for $5 each – they sold out in the first 10 minutes!!

St Therese’s Catholic School | Fact File

Number of students/members:

Age range of students/members:
5 – 12

Number of active committee members:

What other fundraising activities do you do throughout the year?

  • Spring Fair
  • Multi-raffle
  • Colour Run
  • Trivia Night

What are the previous purchases you have made with your fundraising proceeds?

  • Robotics for our technology unit
  • Playground equipment
  • Currently fundraising for a new nature playground