Ideas for making your event ‘greener’

There is a growing trend to try and make events ‘greener’ (more environmentally friendly). Sometimes it only takes a few little changes which can often be easier than you’d think.

As usual, our Facebook community is never short on ideas, so we thought we’d put a few of them together to give you some inspiration on making your next event a ‘greener’ one.

  1. Cutting down on paper usage (particularly at a fete) can be a bit of a challenge, but in these days of digital EVERYTHING, you needn’t worry about printing thousands of paper programs to let your visitors know what’s happening:- There’s an app for that – Well, there’s more than one app for that. There’s a whole bunch of them. Some will help you plan your event, others allow you to upload floor plans, create social news feeds and so on. Prices will vary according to what each one can do but worth looking into. QR codes might be another option for you too.- Rather than hand a program out to everyone passing through the gates, have large (A3 or bigger) signs with your program on them placed strategically around your event so that they can be easily referenced by your guests.- Encourage your guests to take a picture of the program on their phone so they can reference it at their leisure. You can do the same thing with mud maps or floor plans.- Share your program (and mud map) with families digitally prior to your event. By this, I mean include it in your digital newsletter, by email, on your school Facebook page and perhaps even on the school website.- Go ‘old school’ and have regular announcements over the PA system with starting times and what’s coming up next. One of our readers even suggested having a ‘town crier’ roaming the grounds which could be a fun idea, especially for a historically themed event.

    – If you’re using a tv screen or any other type of screen for advertising, make sure you include your program in the rolling ads.

  2. Banning the plastic. South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory have successful plastic bag bans already in place. This year Queensland and Western Australia will join them. Apart from ‘banning the bag’, here are a few other ideas to reduce plastic at your event:- No straws. Straws are a convenience for most of us, but when you look into the number of years it takes for one plastic straw to break down, you’ll think twice about using one. I’ve actually just invested in some stainless steel re-useable straws. They look great, they’re easy to throw into your bag to take with you- Water refill stations. Make it very clear in your communications that your school is having a green event and encourage families to bring their own water bottles which can be refilled at these stations. As an incentive, families that bring their own water bottles, coffee cups or bags might get a free raffle ticket or something similar.
  3. Recycle. Make sure that you have plenty of clearly labeled recycle bins. It’s probably also a good idea to re-iterate what you can and can’t put in there.
  4. If you are hosting your own food court, using biodegradable or recycle-able packaging can make a big difference to the amount of waste produced. If you’re using external vendors, talk to them about your goal of being greener and what packaging they use.
  5. Finally, if you have an abundance of food left over, consider donating it (if possible) to a homeless shelter or food bank. It’s best to get in touch with a few organisations prior to your event to discuss what they can and can’t accept and how to go about the donation.

PRO TIP: (If you’re not on to it already) Sell your ‘green’ items at your food vending places or even better, set up your schools own eco-friendly stall. You can sell stainless steel straws, canvas bags, re-useable water bottles and coffee cups and so on. You could get some of
these items customised with your school logo on them too and what you don’t sell on the day can be sold through your uniform shop, your tuckshop or even at future events.

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