Living Fundraisers

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.

In 2019 Living Fundraisers is making fundraising as easy as sending out a web link to your families and community. Introducing our NEW Webshop fundraising drive option. They’ll set up a fully customised webshop just for you and handle payments and shipping, all you have to do is choose what products to sell and they’ll do the rest! Contact Living Fundraisers to find out more about how easy their new Webshop option is.

Bulbs, Seeds & Plants

Living Fundraisers provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, Bulbs, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grass Hair Kits, and more.

Our fun gardening products are good for the environment, your health and your kids and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit the Living Fundraisers website for a free info kit and product sample.


Living Fundraisers now offers schools, groups and clubs a beautiful range of 100% Soy Wax Candles as a fundraiser.

Great for Mother’s Day and all times of the year, the deliciously scented candle varieties include Coconut & Lime, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Fig & Vanilla, French Linen and Cherry Blossom and each one comes in a gorgeous box ready to gift.

Our lifestyle products are of high quality and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Cathy Neale 13th October 2015

The service through Living Fundraiser was spectacular, regular calls and emails to help keep us on track were great, the products are a brilliant idea and I personally look forward to sending out christmas cards this year (something I'm quite slack at doing). Thank you for a positive experience.

Nancy 20th September 2015

We ordered an assortment of flowers and herbs for our fundraiser stall at the local markets and they were very well received. We had a lots of interest. Living fundraisers were very easy to deal with and the ordering process couldn't have been smoother!

Kristy 13th September 2015

I found this fundraiser great, something different from the other fundraisers. We had a mixed response from the parents, but you are never going to keep everyone happy. The company was great to deal with, made things as easy as possible to organise. I found the herbs to be the most popular items for our kindy.

Sandy 23rd August 2015

The seed embedded Christmas cards are a delightful and unique way to raise funds. They are so easy to sell and are a win-win product for everyone. The staff at Living Fundraisers are very, very helpful and it has been a pleasure to do this fundraiser.

Kerry Bates 14th August 2015

fantastic. the idea for the living fundraiser was well received by the committee and the staff have embraced the products as well. The themes fitted well with our child cares centre of promoting healthy living and allowed the children to also be involved in growing the products for their own use. The ability to do top up orders also allowed us to test the waters first which was great. thankyou for your support as we undertook this fundraising event staff were excellent to deal with and vey helpful. We will be doing it again very soon.

Amanda 09th August 2015

Fantastic company to fundraise thru, we have just completed our 2nd round of fundraising with living fundraisers and it is all made so simple. Highly recommend

Give Jack Ears 03rd August 2015

Over the past year we have been running multiple fundraisers to raise money for Give Jack Ears and we are delighted to include living Fundraisers to our list of organisations that are helping us achieve our goals. We have ordered the healthy snacks and it has been a great hit so far. The staff are wonderful too and always there to help when needed. Thank you once again and look forward to your continued support & involvement to achieve our goal target to give Jack the surgery he needs. Please Like us on our Facebook page Give Jack Ears.

Daisy Yang 20th July 2015

I am so glad to have chosen the herbs fundraiser! It's a wonderful thing to raise funds while doing something good for the environment. The staffs are so helpful. It's also so much convenient to have no upfront fees. The best choices for our school-based organisation. Thank you!

Trish H 19th July 2015

The fantastic girls at Living Fundraisers made the whole job so easy. They were there via email and phone and returned and queries quickly. Nothing was too much trouble and really understood the issues we have regarding school holidays etc. I ran it myself for our kindy and raised over $1000. I would definitely recommend the company for a fundraiser.

Julie Wiseman 02nd July 2015

Great fundraiser, very easy to deal with the company, certainly will be back again