Living Fundraisers

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.

In 2019 Living Fundraisers is making fundraising as easy as sending out a web link to your families and community. Introducing our NEW Webshop fundraising drive option. They’ll set up a fully customised webshop just for you and handle payments and shipping, all you have to do is choose what products to sell and they’ll do the rest! Contact Living Fundraisers to find out more about how easy their new Webshop option is.

Bulbs, Seeds & Plants

Living Fundraisers provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, Bulbs, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grass Hair Kits, and more.

Our fun gardening products are good for the environment, your health and your kids and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit the Living Fundraisers website for a free info kit and product sample.


Living Fundraisers now offers schools, groups and clubs a beautiful range of 100% Soy Wax Candles as a fundraiser.

Great for Mother’s Day and all times of the year, the deliciously scented candle varieties include Coconut & Lime, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Fig & Vanilla, French Linen and Cherry Blossom and each one comes in a gorgeous box ready to gift.

Our lifestyle products are of high quality and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Catherine Roberts-Hedland Playgroup 25th November 2012

We loved this fundraiser, it was easy to do and easy to sell. So far we have 3 lots of the herbs & vegetables. Great way for the kids to get into the garden and get more greens onto their plates!

Georgia 22nd November 2012

We have had a wonderful response from the parents for our fundraiser. The herbs and flowers sold out but lots of the cards were returned. I suggest that generic cards rather than Xmas cards would sell better in our area. Some of our families don't celebrate Christmas and in hindsight we probably ordered too many.

Kim Newbury Navigators 20th November 2012

good idea and fun fundraiser and the living christmas cards what a great novel idea and the support and after service was great delivered on time no issues with refunds or due dates thanks heaps to the packers Racheal Samasa and all the team and also John and his packing team just to all of you concerned keep up the good work will be in touch next year to see what else we can do kim payne

Kathryn Liddle 11th September 2012

Thank you so much to living fundraisers. We received a beautiful product which sold well. And it is going a long way to helping us achieve our goals. And thank you for such a wonderful supportive service.

Mel's Angels ELC Hallam 08th August 2012

We've waited 2.5 to run a fundraiser because we couldn't find a partner with our focus on healthy, natural living. We were thrilled to discover Living Fundraisers and our first ever fundraiser has been a huge success. We sold about 48 Veggie+Herb mixed bags and ended up making nearly double what our fundraising target was. We're building our own Veggie Garden with the proceeds! The LF team was awesome too - pleasant and helpful. We'll be back to try out all the other options!

Susi Leo 30th July 2012

Great idea for a fundraiser, something different which is always good. We sold 15 bags within our small Playgroup and are very happy with the results. Thanks heaps.

Kate Schultz 31st May 2012

We recently ran Living Fundraisers at our kinder. We had a fabulous response, selling 19 bags (with a mixture of grow-in-the-bag herbs and flower pots) from 18 families! Everyone was really intrigued when we first mentioned the idea as it's a bit different. I found the customer service throughout the fundraiser was fantastic. If word of mouth is the best marketing tool, then expect quite a few more orders :-)

MayMaree 14th February 2011

I really liked this fundraiser (we did the herbs), we raised a lot of money and had a great positive feel. Will try one of the others this year.

Jo Freeman 24th August 2010

Absolutely fantastic. The kids love watching the herbs grow in a bag. No mess, portable for when we go away. No one needs to come and look after the veggie patch.