Living Fundraisers

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.

In 2019 Living Fundraisers is making fundraising as easy as sending out a web link to your families and community. Introducing our NEW Webshop fundraising drive option. They’ll set up a fully customised webshop just for you and handle payments and shipping, all you have to do is choose what products to sell and they’ll do the rest! Contact Living Fundraisers to find out more about how easy their new Webshop option is.

Bulbs, Seeds & Plants

Living Fundraisers provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, Bulbs, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grass Hair Kits, and more.

Our fun gardening products are good for the environment, your health and your kids and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit the Living Fundraisers website for a free info kit and product sample.


Living Fundraisers now offers schools, groups and clubs a beautiful range of 100% Soy Wax Candles as a fundraiser.

Great for Mother’s Day and all times of the year, the deliciously scented candle varieties include Coconut & Lime, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Fig & Vanilla, French Linen and Cherry Blossom and each one comes in a gorgeous box ready to gift.

Our lifestyle products are of high quality and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Ingrid 13th May 2014

Very happy with the product and service from Living Fundraisers. Purchased flower growing kits to sell as gifts on our school mothers day stall and they all sold out very quickly. I got great/prompt info, the kits were delivered exactly on schedule, and there was great follow up. Super straightforward. Thank you. Will definitely look at these products again.

Rachel 05th May 2014

The response has been great, with so many families happy we didn't get chocolates. This is our first food fundraiser in a few years as we were getting tired of chocolates, and they contradicted our healthy eating policy. It was great to find a fundraiser that allows the families to buy foods they can send with their children for lunches. Thanks!

Tracey Wheeler 01st May 2014

Thank you for providing us with a great fund raiser I would like to do it again later in the year for some of the other items. Staff were very pleasant and helpful

Kirsty Cole 21st April 2014

Our experience with Living Fundraisers was fantastic. The ladies were so helpful all the way throughout the fundraiser drive, the information provided was helpful and reassuring. We fundraised using the grow in the bag herbs which were easy to sell and were snapped up quickly with little effort from our seller. An easy fundraising option that sells themselves, I would recommend to anyone.

Tracy Holden 10th April 2014

Have ordered plants and cards to do a fundraiser overseas. The girls at Living Fundraiser are absolutely fantastic, we haven't conducted the fundraiser yet (will keep you posted). The service has been excellent and the products are fantastic. Definitely recommend 'Living Fundraiser" to anybody needing fundraising ideas. So easy and straightforward. Well done girls!

Meg 06th April 2014

We recently purchased some snacks and fruit bars from Living Fundraisers for a local fundraising effort. We were very pleased with the friendly and helpful assistance we got and the regular phone calls to touch base and see that we had everything we needed. The staff were very efficient and professional. We would certainly consider using them again for future activities.

Carol McDonough 06th April 2014

We recently ran a Living Fundraiser with Herbs, Annie's Bars and Flowers, and found them to be a great fundraising idea. Parents, families and members of the local schools and communities bought items off us, because they were great products. Will definitely do this again next year.

Julia 04th April 2014

As a change to the normal sweets fundraising you see, we opted for Living Fundraisers and it was the best decision! They made every step so easy and were a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend Living Fundraisers to anyone looking at fundraising for their group.

Maureen Keegan 02nd April 2014

We recently ran this fundraiser at our office as part of the Relay For Life fundraising. This was a major success as it reflected a healthy lifestyle against the normal sweet food fundraisers. Thankyou

Rebecca Cross 20th March 2014

Great that you get everything you need to plant your herb or potted flowers. Kids love it!