Living Fundraisers

Bulbs, Seeds & Plants

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.

It provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, Bulbs, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grass Hair Kits and more.

Living Fundraisers’ fun gardening products are good for the environment, your health and your kids and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Living Fundraisers now offers schools, groups and clubs a beautiful range of 100% Soy Wax Candles as a fundraiser.

Great for Mother’s Day and all times of the year, the deliciously scented candle varieties include Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Fig & Vanilla, French Linen and Cherry Blossom and each one comes in a gorgeous box in colours that a fresh, modern and on trend.

Living Fundraisers’ candles can be run via take-home drive, as part of a stall or display, or by order form.

Living Fundraisers’ lifestyle products are of high quality and make perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher and Christmas gifts. Visit their website for a free info kit and product sample.


Wendy Pride 15th October 2018

The best fundraiser I have found for community organisers

Tracey Wheeler 02nd August 2018

I love living fundraisers for so many reasons, the products are fantastic and you are Australian Based which to me counts for a lot and you are always very helpful to deal with. The snacks were very popular and so were the candles. Thank you so much. Love doing business with you.

Robyn Renahan 16th July 2018

I first came across some of your seeded matchbooks when our local Bunnings store was handing them out at Christmas time. Then our Scout group was selling seeded Christmas cards. I love the sustainable focus of these - you get a free plant (or two) and much less rubbish. I can't wait to promote this through our Early Childhood Centre.

Bass valley pony club 10th July 2018

The pony club ordered a mixture of herbs, veggie seed kits and the strawberry/melon kits. The kids and families are super excited to have something different to sell that's healthy. We can't wait to try some of the other options in the future.

Kelly 26th June 2018

We did the Gift cards and Christmas card fundraiser! I found Living Fundraiser excellent in every way from the first call. Their products are gorgeous and wonderful. Thanks

Sam Anderson 21st May 2018

We ordered the flower and herb kits for our primary school's P&C Mother's Day Stall and they were a big hit! The customer service was fantastic, couldn't ask for better. Being able to return unsold items and pay after the event was a big plus for us. The products were packaged beautifully and the selection was lovely. Thank you! We'll be back next year for more!

Kerrilyn 09th May 2018

I'm a big fan of Living Fundraisers. The products are great quality. The service is fantastic. The items are packed very well for delivery. I highly recommend them if you are looking around for new ideas.

VIcki Korb 02nd May 2018

I found your site extremely easy to navigate which helped out school to decide which products for purchase for our Mothers Day stall. We are excited to receive your gorgeous candles.

Julie Dennis-Jagers 28th March 2018

I found Living Fundraisers to be new and refreshing with a variety of products, which I think are ideal for everyone including a smaller sports club like ours. I've ordered the mega sample pack as a kickoff to display the items and decide which way to hold our fundraiser.. and the options available for this also look great. Communication and assistance from staff was great - Thank you to Rae for discussing things through and being so helpful with everything. Looking forward to receiving the samples and showing them around!

Michelle Bethell 05th March 2018

This was our first time using Living Fundraisers and certainly won't be the last. Found the whole process very simple, great communication and help during the whole process. Have ordered the Mega sample to help us decide which one do to next.Everyone is looking forward to planting our bulbs.