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The Fundraising Directory spoke to Dani, the mum of a young boy scout who – with some help from Dani and Living Fundraisers – has fundraised his way to the Australian Scout Jamboree 2016.

Q: Why are you raising money?

A: We are raising money to send approximately 15 scouts and 3 leaders to AJ2016 – 24th Australian Scout Jamboree in New South Wales next January.

Q: Are you still raising fundraising?

A: Although Mark has reached his fundraising target, we are still assisting with the fundraising for others in the group.

Q: Did you have a target?

A: Each Scout needs to raise approximately $1850 to attend for the 12 days.

Q: Why did you pick Living Fundraisers?

A: We wanted something different. Mark is very interested in the environment and gardening and is passionate about sustainability, so he was very eager to fundraise with a product that encourages people, especially kids, to grow their own herbs, veggies, fruit and flowers. We loved that the products have environmental, educational and/or social benefit. He also loved the fact that it was something that was ongoing, not like a chocolate fundraiser where you eat it and it is gone! We also loved the fact that Living Fundraisers use biodegradable products and support people with disabilities to lead lives of dignity and achievement, and partner with charities and non-profit organisations. We also thought that the profit return was good, starting at 40%, and no up-front cost.

Q: Describe how you sold the fundraising products.

A: We promoted it to friends and families, created a Facebook page, put it in our weekly scout group email, and attended a local market. We also used it as part of our cub scout program for Mothers Day, where the Cubs paid the $6 for the kit, planted it at Cubs, coloured in the free promo Mothers Day gift bag, and then gave to their Mum. It meant they had a living gift for Mum and the scouts got the profit. We also sold some to an Out of School Hours program who wanted a kitchen garden but had limited space.

Q: Did you learn anything from the experience? Do you have any advice for other people who are fundraising?

A: We learnt that others felt the same as us about fundraising – wanted something different and loved the idea of involving the kids with the product. Everyone was over the chocolate and lamington drives, and no one had heard of Living Fundraisers before. My advice is to involve the kids – if they are passionate about the fundraiser, people are more likely to want to be part of it.

Q: Did you have any advice or help from Living Fundraisers?

A: They provided advertising material, and were extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions promptly. Order/Delivery times are very fast as well.

Q: Did you grow any plants yourself? Were there any you thought grew particularly well?

A: We grew a couple of herbs, flowers and veggies. The Coriander and Basil were VERY popular, and the flowers were a hit too. We have now planted snow peas in the ground that have outgrown the greenhouse, have rocket that is constantly regenerating after cutting, and a gorgeous swan river daisy. The seeds are great quality, and people have loved that they are organic.

Thanks to Dani and Mark for the comments and photos they contributed to this profile.

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