LaunchPad6 Online Events

LaunchPad6 have been providing online fundraising events to customers all over the world. 

The results have been staggering and as an Australian owned company it is now time for Australian organisations to start benefiting from this undeniably successful fundraising channel 

We provide online competition events to all types of NFP organisations such as charities, sporting clubs, educational foundations and many more.

They produce outstanding fundraising and engagement results for a fraction of the costs of physical fundraising events. 

Distinct advantages include:

  • Fixed fee cost which means all funds go directly to YOU!
  • Huge profit potential with examples of over 1650% return on investment
  • Easy to setup with help available if required
  • Limited or no physical logistics required
  • Create HUGE brand awareness using online social channels
  • Get your broader community socially engaged
  • Scale nationally and even internationally
  • Continue to realise benefits well past the event by leveraging collected photos or videos
  • Fantastic way to dramatically increase your targeted marketing list
  • Not impacted by lockdowns, closed borders or social distancing limitations

Leveraging ContestPad you can design, create and manage compelling charity or not for profit events completely online. Showcase entries, collect fees for submissions and votes, and leverage your supporter base to promote your organisation. We are the only platform that supports such a diverse set of competition capabilities that can be used from talent contests to sporting events to awards programs. The possibilities are endless.

You can visit us here to see a small sample of customers we have worked with.

Contact Launchpad6 for a free, no-obligation discussion on how we can get you started on your very first online event.