Does anyone have any last minute and successful fundraising ideas?

Reader question:

Does anyone have any tips on any last minute and successful fundraising ideas?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community for last minute, successful fundraising:

  • We held a last minute non-uniform day and cupcake day this week for 2 students going to Adelaide. Gold coin donation for out of uniform and $2 for a cupcake.
  • Take a donation bucket along to your child’s end of year concert/function and get people on arrival.
  • Slave Auction.
  • Family portraits at the end of year function. Grab a camera, get snapping and print copies off.
  • Guess how many baubles are in the jar.
  • Car wash
  • Bake sale. We raised over $330 at a local market where some of our grade 2 students brought in baked goods made by families and ran a stall. The kids loved it. The school may allow you to run it before or after school to catch parents on their way in or out.
  • Bake sales, BBQ’s, pie drives, mango fundraisers etc.
  • A Woolies BBQ will get you between 200-500 depending on the area.
  • Online auction (you’ll need donations)
  • Organise an event eg. hire a movie theatre and organise it to be themed. Our primary school did it as a fundraiser. All the school kids went as Harry Potter.
  • Trivia night or psychic event. Ask your local spiritualist church for volunteers.

Crowdfunding and sponsorship was the most popular suggestion:

  • Crowdfunding will be your easiest bet, Gofundme is a great platform plus it has easy social media integration. Be ready with photos, videos etc and share, share, share across your networks.
  • Sponsorship from a local club, council, sporting stores are definitely ideas to explore as well.
  • Sponsorship. Maybe ask the local sports store if they’d like to donate the rest of the money (yes all of it!) and if they say yes, organise the local newspaper to come and do a photo shoot and article about it! Great promotion for their business.
  • Try A.I.S. Local Sporting Champion sponsorship – we’ve had success for similar in the past.
  • Check with your local council they sometimes have grants to assist with sporting costs.
  • Ring local radio stations (Neil Mitchell programme on 3AW Victoria always helps people out).
  • Our local Lions club helps kids with sporting scholarships etc. maybe try them, Apex or other service groups.
  • Our primary school the P&C donate a sum to the family.

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Originally published 30 July, 2019