Kylie Johnson Art

Fundraising with Kylie Johnson Art

Kylie’s creative resources provide a great alternative to the traditional fundraising model. No more making products, taking money or manning a stall!

This is also a great opportunity to place unique and beautiful products, with positive messages, into the hands of children.

Reasons to consider this fundraiser:

  • An Interactive and fun way to share special moments with children.
  • Resources are suitable for all ages
  • Choose from the full range – Positive Growth Mindset cards, Mindfulness colouring cards and book and Positive Affirmation art prints.
  • Schools will receive free downloadable ‘Super Power’ lesson plans to support classroom Wellness Programs.
  • Families can shop online to contribute to your fundraiser.
  • No upfront costs and minimal effort when using your unique URL Code.


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Karina Davis (Bethany Catholic Primary School Glenmore Park)

As a primary school teacher for the past 13 years and currently working in the learning support team these Affirmations cards have been a success. The Super Power concept has been appealing for children and as we know words are quite powerful so the “I am”, “I can” and “I will” statements have promoted the importance of positiveness. These cards can be utilised in many different ways as a focus of the week, or a focus a day or as a quick 5 minute brain break in the classroom. Now putting my mum hat on, I have used these cards in my children’s lunch boxes, to hopefully uplift their spirits for the day. What a great concept Kylie is trying to help our little minds become more mindful and ultimately have a growth mindset in order to be more resilient.