What is Sand Art?

Sand Art with Koolart is a fun, creative and unique form of art that dates back to the 17th century. Native American Tribes used Sand, cornmeal and bark to make sand paintings that were believed to have magical healing powers.

Today it’s much simpler. You just take a pre-designed laser cut picture of your choice, peel away each section one at a time, and cover the sticky section with coloured sand.

There are lots of pictures to choose from and many colours of sand as well.

Koolart is all about having fun, creating works of art and trying new and exciting activities that will keep your children entertained for hours – and all at an affordable cost.

Sand art is a fun and creative activity that will have children enthralled and amazed at their own talent.

There are no mistakes and they are only limited by their own imagination.  Be as colourful and bright as you like.

A great activity to do on your own, or with a whole group of friends.  And it’s fun for both Girls and Boys.

Feature Services

  • Party packs delivered for your child’s next birthday party.
  • Presents for that special occasion.
  • Supplier of coloured sand in bulk.
  • Raise money with Sandart at your next fete or fair.
  • Include Sand art at your next function or event.

Raise money at your Fete or Fundraiser with a Sand Art stall. You run the stall. Pictures are on consignment so you only pay for what you sell.  Simply send back any cards not used.