Options for Kindy and Child Care Fundraising

What can I do for Kindy and Child Care Fundraising?

Browse the Fundraising Directory and you’ll find 37 distinct categories of products offered for fundraising, either as product drives, party plans, events or spur-of-the-moment spends.

Not every one of these works for every group. Look at your group’s demographics, disposable income, interests, and values. Think about timing too. Some fundraisers need more lead-time than others to deliver the product, particularly if children are involved in personalising it.

Narrow down your options and then ask questions of suppliers: particularly what’s in it for your group!

Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones

You all have one thing in common: young children. This has both opportunities and drawbacks for kindy and child care fundraising, but creative thinking can turn those drawbacks into opportunities too!


  • Anything educational is likely to win support. Books and toys are proven fundraising winners.
  • Most parents are besotted by their child’s cuteness and jump on any chance to share it with others – grandparents, extended family members and close friends. Family portraits are BIG and they can be fundraisers too.
  • child’s artwork is as valuable to a parent as an original Van Gogh! Drawings or hand prints turned into products – a tea towel, calendar, diary, plate, mug, clock or clothing for example – tick boxes for your kindy fundraising and gift-giving.
  • Custom-labelled wine, carrying a child’s art, suits both those who are child-struck and those who simply enjoy a good glass of wine!
  • A growing family equals a pantry and freezer in constant need of stock, particularly snack foods for impromptu play times. (Check the food section of our suppliers for more inspo.)
  • Workplaces present fantastic opportunities in which to raise funds virtually with loose change, selling chocolates and lollies or distributing order forms for other food products (although do consider how you’ll deliver their orders!)
  • Is your kindy or child care centre holding a night-time Christmas concert? Consider selling glow products to add sparkle to the event. Think carefully about numbers: you do need to buy them upfront and unsold product equals lost profit.

Tip : Product fundraising drives are short and snappy

Run your product drive for three weeks tops! Learn the different types of product drives and their pros and cons, by reading Chapter 4 of the Practical Fundraising Handbook.


Happy Fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

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