Keep your dreams in the ‘cloud’

Fundraising Document

I have written in the past about finding a cloud solution for storing your fundraising documents. There are free and cheap solutions, the more common ones are Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can control who has access to view and/or edit the documents.

Online storage helps with allowing an entire team to access the documents they need, ensuring the latest version is always current. It also means documents don’t ‘disappear’, a common challenge in volunteer committees where people move on and new people take over. Effective handover in community groups is one of the keys to growing your fundraising – to enable learning and improvement and save us from reinventing the wheel.

Apart from storing your normal range of documents, today’s tip is to create a shareable and editable document where your ideas, wishes and dreams are stored. It might be a spreadsheet or a simple document – add your ideas so they are not forgotten.

The list can include fundraising ideas, but also other objectives you would like to achieve – other groups to partner with, volunteering opportunities (gee we should really build a whole sponsorship team!), businesses you would like to build a sponsorship relationship with, things you would like to buy with your hard-earned fundraising dollars… the sky is the limit!

Revisit the list periodically and see what an be taken from a ‘dream’ to reality.

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann