Justin Beiber – an inspired high school fundraiser

Fundraising Ideas for Kids!

I came across a fabulous high school fundraising idea. High School students in Chicago, USA, came up with an inspired ‘Justin Beiber-themed’ fundraising idea to raise money to save an arts centre.

The students organised with their principal to repeatedly play the Justin Beiber’s hit song ‘Baby’ over the loudspeaker in every school break for a week, or until they had raised their $1000 fundraising target.  Students paid to ‘make it stop’!

Students from Evanston Township High School raised their target within 3 days, helping the arts centre to continue its work in providing music classes, performances and recording facilities for the community.

An idea like this demonstrates the value of encouraging creativity in fundraising, in particular from students who may otherwise be difficult to engage in fundraising activities.

You can read more about this unique fundraising ideas for kids here. Now this idea is not so much as unique any more, having been repeated at a few other US High Schools, I still think its an awesome fundraising idea for kids! Who would you pay to stop hearing? I know a few people who would pay more than a Gold Coin donation to never hear (or read about, or see) Justin Beiber again.

Mandy Stevens is ‘Miss Fundraising’, author of the upcoming book ‘The Practical Fundraising Handbook: for School and Club Volunteers’, publisher of the Fundraising Directory, Fundraising Ideas and Fetes and Festivals websites, and vice president of the parent committee at her children’s school.