Jolly Soles

Jolly Soles is the sugar-free, fun and practical fundraising idea you’ve been looking for!

We provide you with easy-to-carry boxes filled with funky, eye-catching socks for you to sell at a profit.

It’s that simple! Sell them at your school, your workplace, and at your Sunday morning sports game, and support your cause by standing out from the fundraising crowd.

What’s in a box?

Each fun, easy-to-carry fundraiser box comes with 14 pairs of socks with sizes from 4yo child to adult male.

There are a range of fun, bright socks to suit everyone from animals, fruits and sports socks.
Special occassion socks included throughout the year ie. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Everybody wears socks!

Ask your members to take home a box to sell to their family, friends and work mates, hold a crazy sock day at your school or kindergarten or sell them at your workplace or market stall.

We’re a fundraiser for any age and any cause.

You have the flexibility to choose your sock price for great returns for your organisation.

If you’re looking for a new and easy fundraiser with an everyday essential, please contact us to find out more.



Natalie 09th September 2021

Thanks so much for our Jolly Soles socks. We received them last week and my 3 year old just loves them ! She has 6 or so pairs now, her favourites being the lady bugs The quality is fantastic and I love how thick they are. My little girl has found them so easy to put on given that they have a bit of stretch and loves the quirky patterns. The length is also great especially for wearing boots, they definitely help minimise that friction rub that gumboots can leave on kids legs. We are so happy, thanks a lot.

Narelle - sporting club 16th August 2021

Jolly Soles have been one of the easiest fundraisers we have held with everyone rushing to grab their favourite designs before they were all gone! We sold our socks for $6 each and they have just flown out the door. Our smaller sizes were harder to sell but we were able to send those pairs back and swap them for larger sizes in designs of our choice. Thanks again for the opportunity to sell Jolly Soles!

Jade - Playgroup Fundraiser 16th August 2021

Our sock fundraiser was a huge success. Yes everyone took a box and we shared out the Father’s Day box. I kept one pair of socks for each family to give it to their dad as a Father’s Day gift from playgroup. The quality of the socks are way better than what you buy in the shops. We sold them for double the price we bought them for so we sold them for $7 a pair and people weren’t fussed of the price either.

Cairns Dragon boat club 06th August 2021

I want to reach out and say a massive thank you for being such a fantastic organisation and having a unique business concept that was different to the traditional fundraising ideas. We purchased several of your fundraising boxes and choose to sell them for $7 a pair and they were a hit !!! A lot our customers said they loved all the different designs and how the socks came in so many different sizing options. The favourite design would have been the bees . ( although a Chinese Dragons wouldn’t be a bad idea for the future ) We wish your company and team all the best, especially during these unknown times, and can truthfully say that we will be back to purchase more fundraising boxes in the future.

Leandra - Rupertswood and District Horse Club Inc 23rd June 2021

This fundraiser is a real hit. I have even had some say Gee this is awesome way, better than Chocolate fundraisers. And something everyone can use. Many are literally going crazy over these socks The first delivery we received, with them all sold, funds the new starter motor we just needed to put into our Water truck which is used for our Arena. Next lot will fund paint to paint all our equipment at the club and other maintenance and upgrade expenses to our equipment and grounds.

Rachel - NNPS P&C 21st June 2021

Our fundraiser so far has been more than we expected, having to order a second lot of socks from you when we thought we would have plenty left for our band cake and sock stall, and thanks to your help they arrived on time, we thought our next order would be our large one but that will be the third order we place, once the P&C agree! The socks have been loved and adored and everyone thinks the designs are brilliant, keeping everyone happy. We are very happy with the quality, the sizing is a bit funny but we have worked it out, but the socks themselves are so lovely and soft. We have been selling each pair for $7.50, we are raising funds for the band tour in November to try and lower the cost so all our band members will be able to attend. I'm so thrilled to have found JollySocks it's such an awesome fundraising idea.

Kaitlin - Woden Valley Gymnastics Club 08th June 2021

Thanks again for your support to run this amazing fundraising opportunity! We have had so many positive comments made about the designs, the quality of the socks, and from an organisation point of view you have been absolutely amazing to work with so thankyou again!

Georgie 13th May 2021

I'm so happy with the socks, no complaints at all. Our son's preschool used them as a fundraiser last year, and we had heaps of family and work colleagues buy some, so I decided to get a whole heap for my nieces, nephews, godchildren etc birthdays this year - what kid doesn't love a fun bright pair of socks! When the occasion arises, I'll be a repeat customer, no doubt. Keep up the good work and fun patterns!

Kim 08th May 2021

A quick email to say that we received the socks and think they're fabulous! My lab members went into a little frenzy over them when they arrived & bought around a 1/3 of the delivery! ☺️ You were absolutely right about people loving the bright ones!! Will definitely recommend you to my colleagues who fundraise & will be in touch again in the future when I do more fundraising!

Rebecca - Ceres Primary School 22nd March 2021

Quick note to say thank you for our sock order which arrived so promptly this week. We have packed and dispatched all the items today. It has been such an easy process from ordering to delivery - I greatly appreciate your time on email and via phone to assist with our queries.