Involve the Community!

Involve the Community for a Win-Win Result

> Most groups hold events to raise both money and awareness.  An easy way to raise more money and more awareness is to involve the community in your event.

Your members, students, parents or children do have a saturation point where they can’t spend or donate any more.  By branching out and involving more people you are increasing your group’s potential to earn more money.


  • More attractions at your event enhances your own product offering.
  • It gives other community groups the opportunity to increase their profile too as well as their fundraising.  The community groups may one day even return the favour!
  • It increases your cross promotion opportunities.  They can promote you to their members and you can promote them to your members.   You are more likely to pick up editorial in the local newspaper if you are supporting a charity.
  • It brings members of their community group to your event, so your crowd is larger and there are more people spending money.



Let a community group have a stall at your event
This works especially well if your own resources are stretched.   The local footy club might be experts at running a sausage sizzle.  The local church group may have heaps of handmade crafts and preserves that would be unmatched by your preschool.

Outsource some labour to a community group
Do you need help setting up/ packing down? Do you need ushers or people to oversee the parking?  Approach a local group with your requirements and see if they would be happy to do it for a donation to their group.  (Be reasonable so they want to do again next time!)

Approach a local dance school for entertainment
As well as providing exposure for the dance school and performance practice for the students, you are providing entertainment for your visitors.  A small donation may sweeten the deal too.

Find suppliers in your area for:

  • Staging & AV
  • Insurance
  • First Aid