What 3 questions would you ask during a Tuckshop Manager interview?

Reader question:

What 3 questions you would ask during a Tuckshop Manager interview?

Here are some Tuckshop Manager interview question ideas from our Facebook community :

  • I know it goes without saying but make sure they can cook! The more they make from scratch the more $ your tuckshop can save.
  • Financial management experience – how to cost food etc to cover wages! (it’s very expensive to buy all pre-prepared food)
  • Food safety/ handling questions. Cooking in bulk question / what would they list on a school menu.
  • Delegating to and management of parent volunteers.
  • Ask about experience with suppliers and sourcing products/ingredients etc
  • I would say questions around multitasking and thinking on your feet and how they might attract volunteers
  • How they work with others and a changing management sometimes yearly
  • Business skills – costing/reporting.
  • Ask them what their favourite food is or whether they can break down a recipe into cost per portion – Unexpected questions
  • Ask questions around what foods they plan to offer to the children? Now that canteens are becoming healthy foods only, see what they know about changes to foods offered in school canteens.
  • Give them a scenario – 2 canteen helpers having a difference of opinion but it affects workplace – how would she deal with it? (real life situation – happened at our canteen)
  • Any examples of being a team leader and how they handle conflict resolutions.


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