Any advice on how to improve communication between P&C’s, teachers and principals?

Reader question:

Does anyone have any issues with teachers, principals and communication breakdowns within the school. We are having so many issues with crossed information and lack of communication, it sometimes feels like us vs them. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have ideas on what we can do?

Here are some reader ideas for improving communication between your P&C, principle and teachers:

  • Staff at our school meet twice a week and go through “The Week Ahead” and everything is discussed and everyone is informed of what’s happening including the P&C events. I also upload the P&C events on the Skoolbag App, Facebook Page, School Website, Email Parents & arrange printed notes.
  • Persistence and patience are also key. Parents can take quite a lot of ownership and responsibility. Talk to your leadership team about your concerns.
  • Set the tone by being really transparent in everything you do, and ask questions to others (staff, etc) to encourage them to do the same.
  • Put things in writing, and get events to be listed on the school calendar as soon as they are confirmed. I have found that at the office staff are key in the information chain so having them fully informed of all event details really helps.
  • One thing we found was each group was unaware of what the other group actually did. Having written procedures made a big difference.
  • We invite the Principal along to our meetings, he is also copied into our minutes. He then advises staff and is very encouraging at getting them to support our events, afterschool – Family Picnic, Movie Night, Quiz Night – staff table etc.
  • We have a P&C Facebook page and it’s updated all the time. Sometimes daily, especially when we are doing fundraisers.

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Originally published 8 August, 2018

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