Does anyone have any unique ideas on what to spend P&C funds on?

Reader question:

Does anyone have any unique or simple ideas on what to spend P&C funds on? Something individual for each student or something for the school. We possibly have up to $7000 to spend.

Our Facebook community had plenty of good ideas on ways to spend P&C funds:

  • Outdoor classroom if you don’t already have one
  • An outdoor shade sale
  • New entry signs or notice boards
  • Play equipment or soft fall for under playground equipment
  • Paint jobs around the school
  • Projectors
  • Update staff room or upgrade canteen in someway
  • Sports equipment
  • Purchase musical instruments or pay someone to come in one day a week and teach music. If the school curriculum won’t allow time for it, maybe make it a lunchtime thing. Ie. Wednesday’s in the library XX will be holding ukulele lessons.
  • A huge Christmas party for the entire school – have a magician come in or have Santa come in on a fire truck or police car and have a huge fun water day with food afterwards.
  • Mud kitchens
  • Do an end of year BBQ & ice blocks for the whole school – cheap and fun!
  • Sensory garden
  • Library book upgrades
  • iPads or computers
  • What about sound-limited wireless bluetooth headphones for the kids
  • Snow cone machine and have a snow cone day (it’s something you can use for events in years to come too)
  • Rugs for junior years floor
  • Soccer nets 
  • Have hopscotch & other games painted onto the cement 
  • Replace some water fountains with taps for bottle refilling
  • Our money has gone towards new blinds for classrooms, mini and multi lit programs, rainy door board games for all classrooms, electronic signboard.
  • See if you can pay for a really fun excursion – maybe young engineers or The Root Cause Mad Food Science Programme.
  • Do you have to spend it all? We have a future projects fund that we have put a % of funds to
  • We are going to purchase some class set of Millie the Mathmetican/ Suzie the scientist reader books
  • What about some electric sharpeners for the classrooms? Our teachers still rave about the ones we got them 3 years ago.
  • We contribute about $3,000 each year for camp, to reduce the out of pocket expense for parents. We also put a free sausage sizzle lunch with a drink and snack on the last day of school as a thank you to the kids.
  • My older children’s high school put on some water slides and games to reward students for positive attendance and behaviour
  • If you have a bell you could upgrade it to a music bell. We have different music that plays throughout the day. We also use it as a reward system and let the students choose the songs.
  • A movie night for the school community
  • Extra seating around the school for the kids or a buddy chair
  • Bike racks
  • New plants or raised veggie garden and supplies
  • We put in a fitness obstacle track around the oval
  • You could do a voucher for $$ for each child to spend on school book list/ fees or the uniform shop ($7000÷number of children)

Here are some ideas on granting wishes with the funds:

  • Talk to each teacher and see what they normally buy from their own money every year and supply a box to each class for start of next year (I know our teachers are always buying stickers, books rewards etc from their own pocket)
  • How about you create a wish tree? That way people can write their wish list on a leaf and put it on the tree. Not all wishes can be granted but you will get an amazing idea of what to aim for 😊
  • This year we asked each class for a wish list and spent $100 per class on getting things class teachers asked for. We ended up buying things like board games, cushions, prizes etc. The teachers and students loved it.

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Originally published 26 March, 2019

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