Fundraising using photography may involve class photographs, photographs for special events such as graduation, kindy/pre school photos or family portrait sittings. Families are usually charged a small upfront cost (which helps to lock in their commitment) with a portion (or all) of that donated to your group. Your group may also receive a generous commission for every photograph purchased.

Most schools and clubs have annual group photos taken. This option turns a ritual into a fundraiser.

Many families also invest in formal annual portraits; not only for their own home but as gifts for family and friends.

Both of these scenarios simply redirect money that would otherwise be spent at a studio that’s not supporting your fundraising efforts.

Depending on the type of photographic service booked, this may replace your formal class photos.

Mothers/Fathers Day and Christmas are popular for gift-giving of photographs: perhaps consider a ‘sitting’ day for group shots of families prior to these events.

As a final year at primary school, turn a year book into a fundraiser with quality coffee-table book of images of the ‘year that was’.

The same could be achieved for a sporting group, marking the season.

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