Cookies are a convenient and easy way to fundraise.

The cookie dough fundraising product has been known to quickly become your highest earner. So be one of the first to easily raise lots of money and also make some families very happy. Maximise your Australian fundraising dollars with cookie dough not available in retail stores which ensures that you maximise your sales and therefore profits. Your families and friends can purchase cookie dough through your fundraiser. You will want to run this fundraiser two times a year so your families can stock up their freezers. Check out Billy G’s Cookie Dough!

As the Cookie Monster now says, cookies make a great ‘sometimes’ snack. Companies have order forms for your organisation to sell as many cookies, or as much cookie dough, as you want. Cookies are mostly pre-packaged to last longer while dough can be frozen.

Some organisations have a tasting stall for people to try before they buy. To quote the Cookie Monster again: “Om nom nom nom!”