Put loose change to good use, collecting coins creatively such as:
– challenges to make the longest line or tallest pile of coins
– fill a large jar with coins and charge people to guess much many
– a coin drive – e.g. collecting 5c coins cover the course of a term.

Coin Fountain
Most people can’t resist throwing a coin in a fountain or ornamental pond. Approach your local garden centre to provide a water feature for fundraising at your event (either on loan or as a donated major raffle prize). Place a sign on the feature asking people to throw a coin and make a wish.
Alternatively ask your local shopping centre to designate their water feature as your wish place.

Coin drive

Pick a coin, any coin. Aim to raise as many as possible. Pop a few spaghetti jars into classrooms so children can see how quickly their collection grows (and compare the height of theirs to the classroom next door). Note: these jars will be heavy to move so remove coins before lifting to avoid risk of breakage.

Ask local stores to place a jar on their counter, with a sign explaining the cause, for shoppers to throw in spare change.

Provide prizes for the group that raises the most money.