Cakes and Slices Stall

Cakes and Slices

Everyone knows that cake stalls are the mainstay of a fair or fete.

Click here for cake stall recipes.

To Do List for a Cake Stall Convenor:

  • The Sponsorships Convenor should be organising prizes for you. Liaise with them to see how they are going
  • Print out and distribute competition letters including the types of cakes/slices/sweet treats kids need to make for the competition. Ideally, the deadline for entering needs to be 3 weeks prior to Fete day
  • Consider how you are going to decorate your stall
  • Complete a Stationery List for Convenors and give it to the Secretary
  • Liaise with site convenor to discuss what equipment you will need (eg. tables, chairs)
  • Send letter home requesting volunteers to help set up the day before and to volunteer on the stall on Fete day. Also ask for ideas on decorating the stall
  • Print ingredient labels and instructions
  • Buy trays/bags
  • Keep receipts for expense claims for goods purchased for the stall, fill out the Purchase Approval/Expense Claim Form and give to the Treasurer so they can reimburse you
  • Put kits together and include the deadline for delivering baked creations
  • Organise Volunteer Roster and email to volunteers
  • Put prizes together that the sponsorship/donations team have sourced
  • Organise judge/s
  • Deliver kits to the children with the help from other parents
  • Create a sign if you are not getting the graphic designer to design one
  • Fill out Float Option Request Letter and give it to the Treasurer
  • The week before the Fete, collect your float, and sign for it

Day Before Fete Day:

  • Set up tables and decorations
  • Receive baked creations and label with coloured dots according to their price

Fete Day:

  • Judging is done
  • Cakes/slices and sweet treats are sold. Discounted at the end if necessary
  • Fill our Stall Summary of Cash Movements each time money is collected and sign receipt book
  • Pack up and keep an inventory of left over stock

Wrap Up:

  • You may wish to write a note to put into the Fete wrap up newsletter to thank your volunteers
  • After the Fete, don’t forget to prepare handover notes

Originally published 9 March, 2018

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