Bulbs and seeds

Bulbs and seeds are a popular annual fundraiser. The simple guides to planting and tending bulbs and seeds will inspire keen have different packages: some distribute order forms; others have a code that can be entered onto a website for individual transactions.gardeners and aspiring gardeners alike.

Quality bulb fundraising activities offer comprehensive growing information as well as garden accessories to complement the bulb range—remembering that bulbs grow in a pot on a balcony or a full-sized garden. Spring flowering bulbs are the most popular. Their fundraising drives are held earlier in the school year. Summer flowering bulbs are also available for fundraising.

Reasons to consider a growing fundraiser

1. It’s good for the environment

  • Growing your own veggies, for example, helps reduce your carbon footprint. You eat in season; your produce isn’t being hauled across the city – let alone the globe; you don’t need to package what you grow.

2. Gardening teaches children important life skills like

  • responsibility (gained from caring for and tending plants)
  • patience (seedlings don’t know about immediate gratification)

3. Growing plants opens up a world of discovery for children

  • They learn where food comes from they learn about cause and effect.

4. It’s great to spend time outdoors

5. There’s a sense of achievement that comes in growing your own herbs and flowers.

6. You can plant your bouquet.

7. Every serious home chef secretly desires their own herb garden within reach of the kitchen.

Choosing bulbs, plants and herbs as a fundraiser ties you to their growing season. Think about what type of plant has the most appeal to your audience and look at their growing calendar,

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