What’s on offer

Choosing a fundraising drive selling books, cookbooks, DVDs or similar form of entertainment taps into both creative and practical aspirations. Books also have the added bonus of being a  practical and educational fundraising product.

Many schools and clubs distribute seasonal catalogues from booksellers; consolidate the sales and order in bulk. Your organisation can earn either credit with the booksellers or cash commission books are usually offered at less than the recommended retail. There may be a ‘book club’ program already available. The price, making it a good deal for both purchasers and fundraisers.

Who would this suit?

Fundraising drives that relate to books and music are popular for all ages. Childcare centres and kindergartens do particularly well.

  • Parents want to give their children educational advantages – and books and music do that.
  • Grandparents and aunts and uncles want to do the ‘right thing’ and buy quality ‘useful’ gifts.

But this can be a fundraiser for any group!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book, a night in with a DVD?

When to run your fundraiser?

Make sure you have in place:

  • a SMART goal – a real target and purpose for fundraising
  • a fundraising calendar with a mix of opportunities throughout the year – without being too enthusiastic or greedy.

Few buy books or DVDs only once a year! But for big sales – and big profits – plan your delivery to be just before the winter and summer holidays.

Gifts that give twice: market an end-of-year fundraiser as helping the time-poor beat the Christmas shopping crowds while also helping a group that’s important to them.

Bonus Tip – Book packs

This idea is particularly relevant for schools. Rather than simply handing out a book list to your families, organise orders through a central co-ordinator and keep the profits in-house. External suppliers can help with this and allocate a portion of profits back to your school.

Personalised children’s books

Personalised children’s books are a great way to fundraise – particularly for preschools, kindergartens and child care centres. Offering parents books that have been personalised with their child’s name is a great commemorative gift. They are the perfect present for birthdays and Christmas. When well organised your organisation can receive a generous donation for each book sold and result in great fundraising success.

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