Biscuit and Cookie Dough

Do you need to raise some extra dough?

Biscuit and cookie dough drives are very simple to run and usually don’t include any upfront costs. They use order forms which have pre-payments meaning that organisers do not need to chase outstanding money. Combined with a quality product that is easy to sell, Cookie and Biscuit Dough has proven to be a successful fundraiser and is perfect all year-round for all types of groups. For school groups, make sure that if you are selling into tuck-shops or in After School Care programs, you are aware of any rules about nut and other allergies.

Cookie dough tubs are 1kg (minimum) and can make 40+ cookies which at only 33-38 cents per cookie is terrific value and you can make between $3.50 and $4 profit per tub. The dough comes in a number of flavours and gluten free or even doggy treats options are often available. Tubs keep in the fridge for up to 30 days, and in the freezer for up to a year and the dough can be re-frozen. Simply scoop from the tub, place on a baking tray and bake fresh in the oven.  It couldn’t be easier!

Do be aware that on delivery of the product, it will be frozen but can be stored for up to 8 hours without refrigeration.  Your ‘parent pick up’ logistics will need to be well thought through to make sure that the process runs smoothly.  Giving parents plenty of notice, having s bunch of esky’s (or access to a cold room) and helpers on hand for distribution and will make this easier.

Check with suppliers as to their delivery times and consider offering prizes for the individual or class that sells the most tubs.  And best of all you are not limited to your local community for delivery as online ordering options are available with the proceeds going towards your organsations total revenue.

Cookies are another alternative to just the dough and you can find more about our suppliers for these here.