Amusement rides

Amusement rides are a great way to attract big crowds to your event and they are a ‘must-have’ for fetes and festivals.  They can also provide a good revenue stream at school sports days or company picnics.

Every year rides seem to get bigger and better and there’s always a new attraction so make sure you do your research to see what will work best for you and the space that you have available.  Jumping castles are always a hit with young children and there is usually a range of sizes to choose from. Rock climbing walls create both exciting physical and fundraising goals. Remember to choose a reputable operator and book rides that are appropriate for the age group you are seeking to attract.   Also, make sure you have enough rides to cater for your crowd (keep ‘churn’ in mind – how quickly can each ride turn a lot of people through).

Many ride operators will operate on a commission basis supplying the rides with no upfront cost.  Money is raised by selling as many ride tickets as you can.  The tickets are collected and the proceeds are split between the ride operators and you.  Alternatively you can hire the rides yourself – you bear the risk but can reap greater profits!

Click here for our list of amusement rides suppliers.