Hoyts Movie Fundraiser

HOYTS Movie Fundraiser

Watch the latest blockbuster or an old-time favourite and relax in comfort and style for your next fundraiser.

How does it work?  

  • The first step is choosing a date, time and movie. Once your fundraising request has been approved by HOYTS and the event details including costs have been confirmed and locked in, invite your guests.
  • HOYTS will let you know the costs involved and you add on extra dollars to keep for your fundraising efforts.
  • Collect the money upfront from your guests. Once you reach cinema capacity, your selling job is finished.
  • Pay for your event in full 7 days prior.
  • Don’t forget, the perfect movie experience always includes popcorn, drinks and a Choc Top from the Candy Bar and is another great way for you to raise extra money for your group or charity.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!

What are the costs? 

Costs will vary depending on how many guests attend, the day of week and time of day. Off Peak pricing is on Mon – Wed and Peak pricing is Thurs – Sun excluding Fri/Sat after 6pm. No public or school holidays.

How can we maximise sales? 

Sell as many tickets as possible making sure you add as many dollars as you can to the agreed price with HOYTS.  Adding a candy bar combo will also help you reach your fundraising goals.

What types of groups are suitable? 

Schools, Communities, Sporting Groups and Charities are all welcome.

Why choose Hoyts? 

At HOYTS you will always experience more, and we want your fundraiser to be a success!

What information and support do you provide? 

HOYTS will assist along the way form planning right through to execution. We will keep in touch throughout your selling process to make sure you are on track. Our friendly staff will ensure the event runs smoothly.

Movie Fundraiser


Hoyts Movie Fundraiser | 02 8071 6239


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